Dumont Studio - Large Abstract Paintings
Austin  Texas  Fine  Art  Commissions
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815 East 52nd Street, Austin, TX 78751
(512) 578-8907  | www.lindadumont@rocketmail.com
 Austin cityscape paintings and iconic Texas landmarks abundant with the vibrant colors and bold strokes for which Dumont has become known. 
AUSTIN, Texas – To know and appreciate Linda Dumont’s art is to understand that joy is omnipresent in her work. The painter’s style – a hybrid of abstract expressionism and representational art – is imbued with a sense of whimsy and wonder. Indeed, even walking in to her gallery on Austin’s East Side is an uplifting, inspiring experience. The studio – located at 815 E. 52nd Street – boasts abstract paintings, Austin cityscapes, and iconic Texas landmarks.

 Dumont spends hours turning blank canvases into multi-colored masterpieces which capture the vitality and playfulness of everyday life.

In Dumont’s work, the unconscious become the conscious and the real world is inverted to reflect subjects through her own unique inner lens. Dumont thereby creates urban vistas in a decidedly off-beat style: visually provocative, compositionally exciting, and wild with color. In much the same way, buildings in Dumont’s cityscapes appear to move and dance, human curves morph into fruit or large bones – even perfume bottles assume larger-than-life geometric status on Dumont’s canvases.  

Plein air paintings of Barton Springs Pool and studio series "WELCOME TO MY SPACE" 
currently fill my studio.