Texas Child Study Center
  Dr. William Streusand
Texas Child Study Center
Austin, Texas
Capstar Partners
Private Collection in  Lobby
Austin, Texas
Perfume Series
Baker Botts
Austin, TX
Private Collection
oil / canvas  72" x 48"
Private Collection
Austin, Texas
"Bridges Over the Chasm"
Houston, Eiffler
Newberry Street, Boston
"Eastside Balance"
Dumont Gallery
Austin, TX
McAllen International Museum
One-Woman Show 1996
Omni Hotel
oil / canvas  120" x 72"
Austin, TX
Saks Fifth Avenue
Austin, TX
"Eros Chaos"
oil on canvas   |   9.5' x 60"
Symphony Showcase"
Commissioned bed design 
    4 "CUBE"  style
Painted with figures

 My work has been getting more sculptural through the years and it shows in the materials I use. I visualize a whole city exploding with elements of style and I put it together like music so it flows and dances. My style has evolved to become a series of abstract and representational images. Each piece is part of a larger canvas that advances my painting style. Ultimately my art fits together like a puzzle. 
Large abstract paintings and large impressionistic works are born.
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